Le Murd- Caught In The Zip CD

Image of Le Murd- Caught In The Zip CD


Debut full length E.P by the most powerful 4-peice to crawl out of the Redcliffe peninsula since the Bee Gees. Already declared by many as the best punk release of 2013, this is something you need to buy right now.

1. Highway stalker
2. Left o' the slash
3. Comedown
4. Let it go
5. Individuation
6. Too old for this shit
7. Chicken in a tin
8. Tragic happens
9. Pup sucks
10. Password rage
11. Incompetence
12. This has never happened to me before..
13. Squat and Cough
14. Bluebags
15. Re-Vent
16. Hiroyuki Saki